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HTC, LG, Motorola & BlackBerry® Repairs

Are you having sound issues with your HTC, power button problems with your LG or LCD screen issues with your Motorola? Wireless Expert will save you money over cell phone replacements with free diagnosis and affordable repairs completed in a timely fashion. We have the experience to fix problems with phones from all manufacturers, including HTC, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry®, Sony and Nokia. On this page, we’ve included some of the common repairs we typically handle. We can also unlock your device if you are selling your phone or switching carriers. Bring in your phone today for fast, same-day service.

HTC Smartphone Repairs in Mississauga / Toronto

  • HTC antenna / WIFI repair
  • HTC back cover replacement
  • HTC bezel repair
  • HTC digitizer repair
  • HTC earpiece repair
  • HTC faceplate repair
  • HTC glass repair
  • HTC headphone jack repair
  • HTC housing repair
  • HTC keypad repair
  • HTC LCD repair
  • HTC lens repair
  • HTC loudspeaker repair
  • HTC microphone repair
  • HTC screen repair
  • HTC SIM tray repair
  • HTC speaker repair
  • HTC synch / charging port repair
  • HTC touchscreen repair
  • HTC USB port repair

LG Smartphone Repairs in Mississauga / Toronto

  • LG digitizer repair
  • LG glass repair
  • LG LCD repair
  • LG lens repair
  • LG screen repair
  • LG synch / charging port repair
  • LG touchscreen repair
  • LG USB port repair

Motorola Smartphone Repairs in Mississauga / Toronto

  • Motorola digitizer repair
  • Motorola glass repair
  • Motorola LCD repair
  • Motorola lens repair
  • Motorola screen repair
  • Motorola synch / charging port repair
  • Motorola touchscreen repair
  • Motorola USB port repair

BlackBerry® Smartphone Repairs in Mississauga / Toronto

  • BlackBerry® antenna / WIFI repair
  • BlackBerry® back cover replacement
  • BlackBerry® battery replacement
  • BlackBerry® Blue Tooth repair
  • BlackBerry® digitizer repair
  • BlackBerry® earpiece repair
  • BlackBerry® front camera repair
  • BlackBerry® glass repair
  • BlackBerry® home button repair
  • BlackBerry® LCD repair
  • BlackBerry® lens repair
  • BlackBerry® power button repair
  • BlackBerry® screen repair
  • BlackBerry® synch / charging port repair
  • BlackBerry® touchscreen repair
  • BlackBerry® volume button repair
  • BlackBerry® USB port repair
  • BlackBerry® water damage cleaning
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